Short term storage:

Daily storage                       £3

Long term Storage:

12 months storage               £300

The storage compound is surrounded by a 6ft 6” wooden close board fencing, with security lights on two places. The metal entrance gate will be securely locked at all times. 

The contract is for the term of the storage booked, 12 month contracts will need to be renewed each year. Existing customers will get first refusal to renew each period, 2 months notice would be required.

To qualify for storage you must be an exisiting customer. 

For long term storage rates, we require you to stay on a pitch for a minimum of 24 nights in your chosen period. If you fall short, there would be a charge of £18/night to bring you up to the 24 nights.

Storage fee’s are due up front in full. I am afraid we are unable to offer a refund, if you wish to remove your caravan from storage before your contract finishes.  

Units must be fully insured and insurance companies informed that the unit is stored at Fields End Water, PE15 0TY. (Please supply copy of insurance certificate).

Your caravan is to be left with us entirely at the owners own risk, and Fields End Water Limited take no responsibility for any damage caused by a third party, we strongly reccomend that hitch locks and wheel locks are used. 

We will keep the compound securely locked, unless opened for arrival or departure and security lighting in good working order.